Validate Authentication Token

Returns information about the given auth token. This is not an authenticated API (as one might think it could be) because if the client has the auth token to include as a URL parameter to make this request then the client could also put that same auth token into an authenticated request (in an HTTP header) and putting all auth APIs together centralizes that functionality.

URL format: https://host/upi/auth/{at}
HTTP Method: GET
HTTP Headers: x-xloak-k: APIkey
URL Parameters: {at}: at is the auth token to test and return information for.
Returns: status code 200 if the presented auth ticket is valid. The returned body is JSON similar to the following:

{result:OK,info:{type: type, displayName:name, loginName:name}}

The value of the “type” field is “named” and displayName is the name of the user (defaults to email address) and loginName (primary email address on account) are filled in.

status code 403 if there was no auth ticket supplied or if the auth ticket is invalid.