Get User Policy List

Returns information about policies for the user.

URL format: https://host/api/userps
HTTP Method: GET
HTTP Headers: x-xloak-authtoken: auth-token
x-xloak-k: APIkey
URL Parameters: none
Returns: status code 200 if the presented auth ticket is valid. The returned body is JSON similar to the following:

[{'cipherscheme': '', 'xpid': '-1', 'name': 'None', 'deftype': ''},
{'cipherscheme': 'default', 'xpid': '79', 'name': 'Default', 'deftype': 'default'}],
'message': '', 'result': 'OK'}

where the value of the 'info' field is a list of JSON objects, one for each policy for that site. The field 'deftype' defines the type of default, if any, that the policy is: 'none', or 'default' . The value of 'xpid' is the policy ID and must be passed back to the server to create a content ID.

status code 403 if there was no auth ticket supplied or if the auth ticket is invalid.