Create Account

This API will create a new account and return an account UUID for it. The email address to be used as the account identifer and the password to be used for authentication are passed as JSON data.

This API requires an API key to be supplied in the HTTP header x-xloak-k.

URL format: https://host/upi/account
HTTP Headers: x-xloak-k: APIkey
URL Parameters: None
POST body parameters: JSON structure that contains a “type” field (which must currently have the value “named”), the email address, and the password:
{“type”:”named”, “email”:emailAddress, “password”:password}
Returns: status code 200 if the account is created successfully. The JSON structure returned is:
{'info': {'authToken': null, 'uuid': uuid}, 'message': '', 'result': 'OK'}
Note that no auth token is currently returned.
status code 400 is returned if the email address or password is not supplied.