There are many applications for scrambls. The scrambls @@ plugin works with your browser to encode your posts and translate the posts of others by using @@ at the beginning and the end of your post. I.e. @@This post will be scrambld because I've included the double @ sign at the beginning and end of this text@@.

Scrambls for files work with your Windows file system to protect files you want to share through open networks. There are also apps for your mobile devices.

All of these applications connect to your scrambls account so no matter what or how you are sharing, you have one place to define your privacy and control settings.

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scrambls for files


With scrambls for files you can easily protect files and folders before you share them through USB sticks, email, dropbox, skydrive, etc.

Install or upgrade to get these new features:

  1. Open a scrambled file, change it, and save it. Changes will be automatically saved back to the original scrambled file.
Scrambls for files is available for Windows 7, 8 and XP, it is also available for Mac OS

Known Issues:

  1. Opening a scrambled file, then modifying and saving it results in an error if the preference "delete original file after scrambling or descrambling" is checked. To use this feature, please insure that this option is unchecked.
  2. When opening a scrambled folder from Outlook, and the "open" option is chosen, the folder is saved, but you are not informed where the folder is located. The folder is located in c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Scrambls\Read-Only Files. To save the folder in a different location, use the "save" option instead of "open", save the file and then descramble it separately.
Scrambls for files is available for Mac OS, it is also available for Windows 7, 8 and XP

scrambls for your browser

Get the plugin for your browser so you can create and read scrambled posts

available plugins

Add-on for Mozilla FireFox
Extension for Google Chrome
Extension for Apple Safari
Add-on for Firefox running on Android


Scrambls Social, in the iTunes App Store, is an app for sending or reading scrambled Tweets.

Please install from your iPad, iPhone or iTouch device.