Introduction to Scrambls Integration

The scrambls system provides three points of contact at the programmatic level: client, server, and policy terms.

At a high level, integration via the client portion of the SDK provides support for reading and writing content that conforms to the published scrambls protocols. Integration via the server portion of the SDK provides support for account management and key management. Finally, integration at the policy term level provides support for external systems to participate the evaluation of select policy terms, usually for the purpose of externalized group membership management.

Some prototypical examples of reasons and ways of integrating are as follows:

  • a web-based service that wishes to integrate with the scrambling capability directly so that users of that service do not need special software such as a browser extension in order to be able to use the scrambls system. Such a system would make use of both the client and server parts of the SDK

  • a web-based service that wants to control access to some of its content by controlling subscription and/or membership lists. This service could charge fees for such membership, or might require only registration. This type of system would make use of the externalized policy term evaluation capability of the SDK.

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