Scrambls employs a custom algorithm that is optimized for presentation on social media sites. Each post is uniquely keyed and the key length is sufficiently long for most web posts.

Scrambls is 'social security'. We make no assertion that the encoding is unbreakable. And because the transformations are applied on the client, outside of any secure execution environment (like most commercial security solutions), the keys are vulnerable to a local attack. SSL is employed to ensure client to server communications.

Rest assured that we will be quick to employ enhanced security platforms as they become available. As a division of Wave Systems, which has a 20 year history in endpoint security, we believe in the future of real information protection.

For those who are interested, scrambls is specifically architected to allow for partners to integrate their own key servers and algorithms. Please see


Scrambls has an open architecture and encourages integration. Please visit There you will find everything you need to integrate support for posting and reading scrambls in your app or web service.

We also support the integration of external policy servers. See External Policy Interface.