Frequently Asked Questions

How is scrambls free?

Scrambls is like many other web services in that the basic service is free while premium features are paid for. Premium features have not yet been released.

What kind of encryption are you using?

Scrambls uses a custom algorithm that is optimized for use with social media platforms. Please see the technology section of the about page.

Who is Wave Systems?

Wave ( is the leading provider of client and server software for hardware-based digital security. For over twenty years Wave has pioneered security solutions which make the use of technology more trustworthy. Scrambls is a division of Wave Systems.

Does scrambls work on all web sites?

Yes, the scrambls plug-in is designed to work generically with the HTML of a web page rather than the specific layout of one or more sites. However, we cannot test with every website so there may be anomalies. Please let us know if you see problems using a specific site.

Do you support iPhone, Android?

Yes, though mobile devices are a bit different because, unlike web browsers, they generally don't have a plug-in architecture. The exception is Firefox on Android (fennec) for which we do have a plugin. On iPhones/iPads we have a dedicated app for scrambling with twitter. Search for scrambls social in the iTunes store. We have also enabled app developers to integrate directly with scrambls. See for more information.

Where can I discuss support issues? Do you have a forum?

Yes, please visit our community page for links to scrambls discussion groups.

Can I use scrambls with my Microsoft Outlook email?

Not yet for email text, but we are hoping to enable as many client environments as possible. You can, however, scramble files and attach them to Outlook emails. When receiving a scrambled file as an attachment, it’s easy to descramble the file by double-clicking on the attachment. If you are a developer and would like to integrate scrambls into a favorite application, please see

Are there any export restrictions?

Scrambls has received a commodity classification from the United States Department of Commerce and is therefore eligible for export with No License Required (NLR) to any end-user in all countries of the world except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

What are the system requirements for scrambling files?

Currently, the file capability of scrambls is only available on PCs running Windows 7, 8 or XP.

How do I share scrambled files?

You can share a scrambled file any way you would share a regular file. Use email, FTP, IM, a flash drive, or a cloud service like Dropbox. The beauty is that the file always stays encrypted and is only available to the scrambls group that you selected.

Can I scramble multiple files at a time or folders?

You are able to select more than one file at a time (CTRL+click in Windows) and right-click to scramble them together. You can also select a folder and scramble it. Both options create a single .scb file – very similar to a zipped file. When descrambled, the clear text files are placed into a folder. If you already have a scrambled file or folder that you created, you can also add files to it by right-clicking on the file and under the descramble menu, you can choose "Add file..."

Are scrambled files really secure?

Yes, scrambled files are secure. They encrypt the information before it leaves your physical computer making the files unreadable to third parties. Only you and those you have shared the file with will be given access to the file. Scrambls supports AES 256, 192 and 128, 3, DES-192 and 128, and DES encryption keys. The cipher and key size are chosen from strongest to weakest based on availability on your platform. Most files will be encrypted with AES 256 encryption.

Can I use scrambled files with cloud storage services? If so, which ones?

Yes, you can use scrambls with any of the cloud services. A few of the services that scrambls has been verified with are Skydrive, Mediafire, Rapidshare, Sharefile, Sugarsync, YouSendIt, and Dropbox. A scrambls file looks like a regular file but it is encrypted so the cloud services can’t get to your data.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to scramble files?

Yes, you must have an active Internet connection in order to authenticate to scrambls for scrambling files. Likewise, the recipient of your scrambled file will need to be connected to the Internet to descramble the file.

How do scrambling files and scrambling web content work together?

The two capabilities are linked by your scrambls account and use the same groups. In addition, when you scramble web content, you may have a need to attach a file to the web portal as well and in order to keep it secure, you can use scrambls!

Can I use file scrambling or web post scrambling in my company?

Absolutely, this was one of the reasons scrambls was created. Many employers are at risk when their employees use Dropbox and other free tools to share files or online posts. Ensuring that no matter how your employees are sharing files or information, the information is safe and encrypted is comforting and actually required by some regulations for certain types of data. As an employer you can require that sensitive documents are scrambled before they can be shared. We have added capabilities for a system administrator to manage and facilitate the use of scrambls for all scrambls accounts within their company. Contact us if you are interested in learning about more ways to use this service in your company.

What types of files can be scrambled?

Any file type can be scrambled. Just download the "scrambls for files" package and choose the advanced option in the install. Deselect the Internet Explorer plug-in for installation and you only install the scrambls for files feature.

"Scrambls cannot reach the internet" error

This issue is indicative of one or more of the following issues:
      1. Firewall is blocking communication with server.
      2. Scrambls service component is not running
The following procedure should be followed to restore functionality:
      1. Configure the computer`s firewall to open port 9000
      2. Click scrambls icon on notification area and click "Exit"
      3. Go to control panel -> administrative tools -> services
      4. Stop "ScramblsService" and Start again
      5. Go to Start menu and click "scrambls" to launch system tray application
      6. Try to login