Monday, June 11, 2012

Vast Majority Vote Against Facebook Privacy Changes

Despite an 87% vote against updates to its privacy policy, Facebook announced that it has adopted the changes anyway. According to the social network's own rules, unless 30% of its active registered users vote, the results are merely advisory. Requiring such a high level of voter participation safely ensures that Facebook will never be forced to do anything by its user base. In California, where Facebook is headquartered, voter turnout in last week's statewide primary election barely exceeded this level.

The scrambls product team spends as much time as possible listening to feedback from our users. When a significant majority expresses a strong opinion about your product, you should consider the sample size. In this case, "only" 297,883 people told Facebook the changes were a bad idea. Facebook's entire business model is based on gathering and selling data about its members. It's interesting that the company is now choosing to ignore data that its members expressly want to provide.

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