Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're live!

It's been a busy week, but the site is launched and working well. It's invitation only, for now, so contact someone you know to gain access.
Over the next couple of weeks we'll be shooting down bugs and adding a couple of features that simply must be there. This includes styling scrambld posts so you know they've been scrambld, a toolbar feature to toggle scrambls on and off, hash tag handling, multiple email addresses, and so on.

Please get us your feedback... issues, bugs, experiences and requests. We'll do our best to work it all in and turn this alpha into a solid beta.


  1. guys how do i scrambls only part of a post?

  2. What were you smoking when you came up with this arent you two responsible for waveexpress

  3. how is this different than encipher.it?