tour scrambls

When you install the scrambls plug-in you get a new magic trick.
Type a post in the entry box to the right and click share
Did you see that? Your post was scrambld before going to the server and descrambld for display
You now control who, when and how this post can be read. The web has the scrambld version. Scrambls has the key to translate it.

Try it again!

The scrambls toolbar makes this possible. After installing the toolbar locate the scrambls icon.
Clicking the scrambls icon in your toolbar allows you to connect/disconnect scrambls or change mode
When the mode is automatic the icon will be green and everything you post will be scrambld.
When the mode is manual the icon will be yellow and only text between @@ markers is scrambld

The group selector limits the audience for your posts (who can descrambl)
You can define groups at or you can join other people's groups
You can later change the group for a post by right-clicking the post and selecting the scrambls menu.

That's it!