Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is Privacy Bad for Business?

Is Privacy Bad for Business?

MIT's Technology Report recently suggested that European privacy laws are having a negative impact on the economy. The article cited MIT professor Catherine Tucker's research study which found that the effectiveness of online ads dropped 65% in countries that adopted the 2002 e-Privacy Directive. Josh Lerner at Harvard Business School has estimated that venture capital investment in European companies dropped about 73 percent following the implementation of the 2002 directive. Despite these negative economic indicators, Tucker predicts that the U.S. will follow Europe's privacy-weighted system in the long run "because we think it's something consumers want."

We have spent the past year discussing data privacy with government agencies, schools, businesses, media organizations, and entertainment companies. We have developed a privacy service that we believe will have a very positive economic impact. Respecting consumers by providing them with proper privacy solutions creates a real competitive advantage. Implementing a privacy solution like scrambls builds trust with your users, meaning that your company, application, or social network, will be more attractive for consumers to do business with. An overwhelming majority of consumers believe that businesses have a responsibility to protect the privacy of their data and communications. Our team can help your company address these concerns. The scrambls service was specifically designed to be integrated with other apps, web services and policy providers. If you would like to learn more please send an email to [email protected].

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